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Govt traveller eviction guide

A new guide reminding local councils and land owners on how to deal with traveller encampments trespassing on someone else's land has been released by the Government.

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Councils 'take swift action against illegal camps'

The Local Government Association (LGA) has said councils already take swift action against illegal traveller camps, and provide sites and services for traveller communities.

An illegal traveller encampment inside the grounds of Eton college back in 2002. Credit: Press Association

Responding to the new guide issued for councils to enable them to take swifter action against illegal encampments, an LGA spokesperson said:

"Councils across the country are providing authorised legitimate sites and services for travelling communities.

“People who live nearby need to be given a say on whether land is appropriate for travellers, and that is precisely what the planning process is there to do.

“Local authorities take swift and robust action against anyone who breaks the rules by setting up camp on land without permission.”

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