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Govt traveller eviction guide

A new guide reminding local councils and land owners on how to deal with traveller encampments trespassing on someone else's land has been released by the Government.

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Councils 'do not need more powers' to evict travellers

Councils do not need more powers to move travellers on if they are causing problems, Romany journalist Jake Bower told Daybreak.

More safe sites for travellers to set up a temporary community in needed to be built if the two communities were to live peacefully side-by-side, he added.

There is not enough sites for people, so people are forced to park on places [like playing fields] so you have a culture that is brought into conflict....

What I would like to see the government do is less of the whip and more of the carrot. They can only solve this problem if they build....councils have more powers than they need to move travellers on.

It is making a moral case and a legal case.

– Jake Bower Romany journalist

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