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Labour in foreign staff row

Labour's immigration spokesman has modified planned criticism of Tesco and Next over claims they preferred eastern European workers after a preview of his speech drew a furious response from the firms. Tesco said it "absolutely refutes" the claim.

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Immigration policy 'cheap and nasty gimmicks'

Labour MP Chris Bryant said the Home Office advertisements to encourage illegal immigrants to leave the country were "poorly worded and tasteless, " and branded the government's immigration policy in general as adding up to "cheap and nasty gimmicks."

While poorly worded and tasteless ad vans were touring London begging illegal immigrants to hand themselves in we learned that the Home Office had not been fingerprinting migrants stopped at Calais for three years, and has not followed up 90% of its on intelligence on illegal immigration.

In short, the government's immigration policy adds up to cheap and nasty gimmicks, rather than serious proposals or practical measures to tackle illegal entry.

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