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Number of A and A* grades fall

The proportion of A-levels awarded top grades has fallen for the second year amid a rise in students taking science and maths, official figures show.

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How last year's A-Level students did

Last year saw the number of A grades slip for the first time in two decades, according to official figures.

It has been suggested a focus on more traditional subjects could fuel a slight drop.

  • Last summer, the proportion of A-levels scoring at least an A grade fell for the first time in more than 20 years.
  • Official figures for 2012 showed that 26.6 percent of the exams were given an A or A*, down from 27 percent in 2011 - a record drop of 0.4 percent.
  • Around one in 12 (7.9 percent) exams were given an A* grade, down from 8.2 percent in 2011, while 76.6 percent of entries got at least a C grade, up from 76.2 percent the year before.

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