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Prescott slams 'failing' Labour

Ed Miliband has faced another attack from a senior Labour figure as a new poll suggests his popularity among voters is at an all-time low. Lord Prescott said the shadow cabinet had "massively failed" to get its message across under his leadership.

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Former Miliband guru tells Labour leader to grow up

Lord Glasman received his peerage from Ed Miliband, but has sharp words for the Labour leader. Credit: Lucy Ray/PA Archive

Ed Miliband has also faced renewed criticism from one of his former political gurus, who said the Labour leader currently appeared too immature to lead the country.

Academic Lord Glasman, writing in the Mail on Sunday, said: "At the very time when Labour should be showing the way ahead, it gives the impression of not knowing which way to turn."

Lord Glasman, who has written critically about Mr Miliband before, added "When the Labour battle bus should be revving up, it is parked in a lay-by of introspection. It is time for Ed Miliband to show he is a grown-up politician big enough to lead this country."

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