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Bullied girl's dad backs

The father of Hannah Smith, who committed suicide after being bullied on the website, has described the site's new cybersafety measures as "a good thing". But child protection charities said more needs to be done to stop online bullying.

View all 70 updates › to create help website for users' parents founders Ilja and Mark Terebin said they would create a new website for parents of its users to help them understand the site's functions and moderation policy.

We will create a separate website from the social network to act as an informational resource for parents and others.

This website, besides containing our policies on safety, privacy and moderation (amongst others) will also set out's purpose and values, up to date contact information for the company and the continuing work we will be doing to improve our site.

The site will be live in Spring 2014.

– Ilja and Mark Terebin

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