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Bullied girl's dad backs

The father of Hannah Smith, who committed suicide after being bullied on the website, has described the site's new cybersafety measures as "a good thing". But child protection charities said more needs to be done to stop online bullying.

View all 70 updates › to encourage email sign-up for accountability said it was taking steps to encourage its users to sign-up using an email address to allow them to better track reports of bullying.

Currently users do not have an incentive to register to use the site. This will change.

Unregistered users will not be able to access the same amount of features on the site as registered users.

They will have to register if they wish to obtain full access to

In this way, using an email verification upon sign-up, can capture the email and IP addresses of users and be better equipped to deal with reports.

– Ilja and Mark Terebin

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