Police: Detention was 'legally and procedurally sound'

The Metropolitan police have defended the detention of David Miranda as "legally and procedurally sound".

In a statement, police said:

The examination of a 28-year-old man under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 at Heathrow Airport on Sunday 18 August was subject to a detailed decision making process.

The procedure was reviewed throughout to ensure the examination was both necessary and proportionate.

Our assessment is that the use of the power in this case was legally and procedurally sound.

Contrary to some reports the man was offered legal representation while under examination and a solicitor attended.

No complaint has been received by the MPS at this time.

David Miranda - the partner of Glenn Greenwald who first reported on controversial American spy programmes - was detained on his way through London's Heathrow Airport on Sunday as he made his way to Rio de Janeiro.