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George photos 'not very good'

The first official photos of Prince George with his parents have been released showing the family at the Duchess of Cambridge's family home in Bucklebury. Photographers have criticised the technique of Michael Middleton, who took the photos.

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Expert view: George pictures 'lovely' but not ideal

Eddie Mulholland, vice chairman of the British Press Photographers Association, told The Daily Telegraph that Michael Middleton's pictures of Prince George were "lovely snaps" but "not what you want for such a historic picture."

The photographer said the picture with the dogs was "the worst". Credit: Michael Middleton/PA Wire

He said: "They are lovely snaps for a grandfather to have taken, but in terms of the quality, they are not really what you want for such a historic picture.

"I would be pleased with them if they were for me and my family, but they look like they have been taken with a mobile phone or a consumer compact camera. It would have been better to have seen it done properly given that this is the official record of the future king."

He added: "The photograph with the dogs is the worst. One of the dogs in the corner looks like a furry rug, and part of the Duke’s head is wiped out by a patch of light coming through the trees."

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