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Davidson hits out at accusers

The comedian Jim Davidson has claimed people were "making allegations for the sake of it" after the Crown Prosecution Service decided not to charge him after a police investigation into historical sex claims.

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Jim Davidson said in April accusations 'can ruin lives'

Jim Davidson, writing on his personal blog in late April, professed his innocence of any historic sexual offences and said he would "wait for the game to play out".

(The police) must know that these accusations are things that can literally ruin peoples' lives. My life is on hold, so is that of my wife.

I have to shake my head and ask is this really happening? Well, it is! The only good thing is that I know I am innocent, and that is a powerful weapon to have. It still is upsetting though. You have to be strong and wait for the game to play out.

His solicitor has said today Mr Davidson is "pleased" the allegations against him have been dropped after the Crown Prosecution Service said there was "insufficient evidence" with which to charge the comedian.

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