1. Emma Murphy

Belgium 'not yet convinced' about intervening in Syria

Belgium’s Foreign Minister Didier Reynders. Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Belgium’s Foreign Minister has said the Government there is “not yet convinced” of the merits of intervening in Syria.

Foreign Minister Didier Reynders told state broadcaster RTBF that he would want to see proof that the Assad regime was responsible for a chemical weapons attack on its own people before any further involvement.

Describing any such attack as “odious” he said: "I am not yet convinced. What we want is to receive information showing the use of these arms.”

He went on to say such information would preferably come from the United Nations but added: “Should France, the United States and Britain have information on this subject, they could share it with their NATO allies."

Mr Reynders questions what intervention would mean. "What would be the consequences in Syria and in the region? What would be the consequences of acting without the consent of the UN Security Council? For tomorrow Russia too could decide to intervene without consent if others do."

Belgium made up part of the NATO strike force on Libya in 2011, working closely with the UK and France.