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Syria ready for US 'aggression'

President Bashar al-Assad has said Syria is capable of confronting any "external aggression", Reuters reports, citing state television. The United States are seeking approval from Congress to take military action.

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'Ghost of Blair and WMD' make Syria intervention hard

Photographer Paul Conroy was badly injured in Homs last year. Credit: Reuters

The "ghost of Tony Blair and Weapons of Mass Destruction" will make it virtually impossible to convince the British public of the need to intervene in Syria, according to a photographer who was nearly killed there.

Paul Conroy, 49, was badly injured last year in Homs alongside his Sunday Times colleague, the acclaimed war reporter Marie Colvin, who was killed.

Mr Conroy, who has been calling for intervention in the war-torn nation for more than a year, said Britain's entry into the 2003 Iraq war under then prime minister Tony Blair on "limited, sporadic and patchy" intelligence, now left the public sceptical.

He said: "The ghost of Blair and WMD has left us hogtied. That makes it virtually impossible to get public opinion onside. But there needs to be a response.

"The slaughter of 100,000 in Syria should have been addressed long ago with no-fly zones and safe havens."

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