Help To Buy scheme will 'drive house prices up'

Help To Buy may prevent people fro getting on the ladder. Credit: PA

The Government's Help To Buy scheme will have the reverse effect from what it set out to do and make home ownership less accessible by driving up prices, a think tank has warned.

The Adam Smith Institute said Help To Buy will simply increase demand for houses without a similar increase in supply, therefore driving up house prices.

Those on the scheme will benefit from the extra leg-up, while those not on the scheme will be left behind, they said.

The Institute's research director Sam Bowman said: "It is crazy for the government to stoke demand even more without addressing supply and claim that this will help the housing market.

"Making taxpayer-subsidised handouts to homebuyers will only drive further house prices up, risking a bubble, improving access for a select few but making housing even more unaffordable for most people.

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