1. Chris Ship

No 10: 'Absolutely no plans' for second Syria vote

David Cameron's spokesman said the Government had "absolutely no plans" to go back to Parliament on the issue of military action. Credit: PA Wire

Number 10 has stated that it has "absolutely no plans" to go back to Parliament on the issue of military action against Syria.

Downing Street ruled out a further vote in the House of Commons on Syria after calls from some politicians that the Government should look again at the matter of a military response.

The Prime Minister's spokesman says the government made its case for a robust response last week and Parliament expressed its will.

"There was a debate on the response to the use of chemical weapons. Parliament has spoken," Number 10 told political journalists this morning.

The spokesman added: "The House was presented with the option of a two stage process [for military action]. It chose not to support that."

There appears to be little appetite among many Conservative MPs to return to this issue.

A number of those who voted against the government last week told ITV News today that they have not changed their minds.

Despite the stronger evidence of the attack presented by the US Secretary of State John Kerry, those Tories remain opposed to British involvement in any military strikes on Syria.

The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has also insisted this morning that there will not be a second vote in Parliament on this issue.