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Thompson defends payoffs

Mark Thompson told MPs the BBC had not "lost the plot" when it agreed a payoff of almost £1 million to his former deputy, Mark Byford.

  1. Lucy Manning

Seven executives 'fell over themselves' over BBC payoffs

This was an attempt by MPs to try and work out why all the money that taxpayers pay in the licence fee was going - some of it to BBC bosses who were leaving.

I'm not sure they did get to the bottom of it because what we had was seven executives falling over themselves to insist they did not know about this, and that they weren't involved in things that other people said they were involved in.

Asign perhaps of the bitterness, when one BBC journalist tweeted that the BBCnewsroom had cheered at the exchange when the human resources boss was told off about 'lies'.

The MP Margaret Hodge, who chairs the Public Accounts Committee, said this was an unedifying occasion forthe BBC that had served only to damage it and I think it will make thegovernment look again at how the BBC is regulated.

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