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Delhi rapists get death penalty

Four men convicted for the brutal gang rape and murder of a young woman on a Delhi bus last December have been sentenced to the death penalty.

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Protesters: Gang rape case 'a wake-up call for India'

Dozens of protesters gathered outside a court in India today as four men were convicted of all charges over the fatal gang rape of a women on a Delhi bus last December.

The demonstrators called the case "a wake-up call for India" and demanded the death penalty for the men.

Two protesters stand with blind folds and a rope outside the court where the four men were found guilty. Credit: RTV

"Every girl at any age experiences this - harassment or rape. We don't feel safe," a law school graduate told the Associated Press. "That's why we're here. We want this case to be an example for every other case that has been filed and will be filed."

The Indian government reformed some of its laws on sexual violence after the case set off waves of protests across the country.

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