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Kenya finds huge water reserve

A massive aquifer that holds enough water to meet all Kenya's needs for 70 years has been discovered, ITV News can reveal.

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Aquifer discovery 'will help Kenya's most vulnerable'

A Kenyan government minister has hailed the discovery of a huge water reserve in the country, saying it will help the most vulnerable in society.

A child in the Kakuma refugee camp, which is close to the Lotikipi Basin Aquifer. Credit: ITV News

Professor Judi Wakhungu, Environment, Water and Natural Sciences Secretary, said: "This wealth of water could boost the country's share of available water by 8.5% and probably double the amount of water that is available for consumption today."

She added: "The significance of this survey and its findings cannot be overstated.

"Accessibility to water and improved social and economic life is destined for improvement, especially for the most vulnerable of the population in Kenya."

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