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Son 'pleaded with mum's killer'

The son of a woman shot dead in her home in Turkey said he pleaded with the gunman before he killed her and wounded him and his grandmother. The maintenance man has been arrested.

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  1. Emma Murphy

Woman's son 'tried to talk gunman out of killing'

According to Anne Bury's son Alex, it was around 5am when he awoke to see a man holding a gun in his bedroom.

He tried to explain that there was a way to move forward without anybody being injured but at that point the man left the room and went in pursuit of his mother.

She is said to have run up flights of stairs and lock herself into a bathroom but shots were fired through that bathroom door and she was killed.

We're told the alleged killer flew into a jealous rage when he saw Mrs Bury with another man but it is important to remember that in Turkey offences viewed as crimes of passion are likely to be punished with shorter sentences and these are the words of a defendant due in court today.

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