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Clegg takes swipe at the Tories

Nick Clegg took a swipe at his Tory coalition partners as he claimed the Liberal Democrats were "the only party that can speak credibly about creating jobs". Addressing a rally of activists, he branded the Conservatives "the party of fire at will."

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Cable tells Lib Dem activists of coalition tensions

Business Secretary Vince Cable has told Lib Dem activists of "tensions" with Conservatives inside the coalition over the Government's policy on energy and climate change.

Mr Cable told a fringe meeting at the party's Glasgow conference: "There is no point disguising the fact that we have had a very tense relationship with the Tories on that issue and we haven't got all we wanted.

Business Secretary Vince Cable said the Lib Dems have had 'a very tense relationship' with the Tories on climate change. Credit: Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

"On the Tory side, it isn't the primitive climate change denying stuff or even petty stuff around windmills in your back garden - though that sort of thing does go on - but it is about the cost.

"The Tory argument is not that green is a bad thing, but that it is expensive and somebody has got to pay, and they are resisting it on those grounds".

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