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Critics attack free meals cost

Concerns are being raised about the Government's ability to afford a £1 billion giveaway handing all children under eight free school meals alongside a likely tax break for married couples.

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Free school meals for infant school children: Your views

Following the Government's announcement that every child at infant school in England will receive a free school meal from next September, ITV News viewers have been giving their views on social media:

All children should get free school dinners until they are 18 unless the parents opt out.

Good nutrition, table manners, and the social side of eating a meal together is missed in many households these days and should be part of education, not a profit making business.

– Claire Thirlwell McGuire

Why do we want kids fed at school? The meals are of poor quality, nutritionally poor and another step to the state taking over from parents.

– Brian Baillie

I would love to see all school children get a good balanced meal. It's been proven that it helps with the learning process (amongst other things).

And if it's given to all children then there is no distinction between those who can afford it and those who can't.

– Pamela Hardy

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