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Costa salvage effort complete

The Costa Concordia salvage operation has been completed, the head of Italy's civil protection authority announced. It took engineers 19 hours to raise the ship from its side.

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Pictures show completed Costa Concordia operation

The operation to shift the stricken Costa Concordia ship from the rocks off the Italian island of Giglio has been completed.

The head of Italy's civil protection authority confirmed it took 19 hours to raise the capsized cruise liner onto its side.

Water was pumped into the sponsons (the large metal containers on the side of ship) to help shift the cruise liner back onto its side. Credit: APTN
The Costa Concordia was wrecked in January 2012 after colliding with a rock off the coast of Isola del Giglio. Credit: APTN
Engineering boats surround the cruise liner after the successful operation. Credit: APTN

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