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Teens held over GTA stabbing

Three males, aged 15, 16 and 18 have been arrested after a man was stabbed and robbed of a copy of Grand Theft Auto V less than two hours after buying the game, Scotland Yard said.

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Rare criticism of GTA V focuses on 'rampant misogyny'

Reviews of Grand Theft Auto V have, almost without exception, rated it very highly. The rare criticism has mostly focused on the apparent misogyny of the game:

GTA V is an imperfect yet astounding game that has great characters and an innovative and exciting narrative structure, even if the story it uses that structure to tell is hobbled at times by inconsistent character behaviour, muddled political messages and rampant misogyny.

– Carolyn Petit, gamespot

Women are, once again, relegated to supporting roles as unfaithful wives, hookers and weirdos ... It's fine to parody the idiotic misogyny of violent men, but how about doing it by providing their opposite?

– keith stuart, grand theft auto

The developer's progress makes the aspects of the game left in cultural stasis - the poorly drawn women, the empty cynicism, the unnecessarily excessive cruelty - especially agitating.

– Chris plante, Polygon

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