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Greek govt 'to ban Golden Dawn'

The Greek health minister has told ITV News the government will move to ban the far-right party Golden Dawn "within months". A man claiming to be a member of the party has been arrested after allegedly stabbing to death an anti-fascist rapper.

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PM: 'Extremely critical time' for Greece after stabbing

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has called for calm during an "extremely critical time" for the country after an anti-fascist rapper was fatally stabbed by a man allegedly linked to far-right party Golden Dawn.

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said it was a 'critical' time for the country. Credit: Olivier Douliery/ABACA USA

Samaras said in a televised address to the nation: "This government is determined to not allow descendents of Nazis to poison society, to commit crimes, to terrorise and to undermine the foundations of a country that gave birth to democracy."

Golden Dawn, Greece's third most popular party, insisted it had nothing to do with the killing and has condemned the attack.

Those who accused the party were "wretched sycophants" trying to win votes, the far-right party added.

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