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Greek govt 'to ban Golden Dawn'

The Greek health minister has told ITV News the government will move to ban the far-right party Golden Dawn "within months". A man claiming to be a member of the party has been arrested after allegedly stabbing to death an anti-fascist rapper.

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Greek police seek Golden Dawn phone records

Greek police have asked for permission to check the phone records of Golden Dawn politicians as part of an investigation into the killing of a anti-racism rapper by a supporter of the far-right party, police said.

The headquarters of the far right party, Golden Dawn, in Athens.

The government has already asked judges to investigate links between the party, which won 7% of the vote in the last election, and the death of Pavlos Fissas, who was stabbed to death on Tuesday night, after being ambushed a crowd of 30.

A police officer told Reuters that they want to establish if Golden Dawn politicians or local party chiefs called supporters on the evening of the death.

The government says it believed the party is a criminal organisation and a threat to public safety.

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