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Motorists 'fined £30m' monthly

Councils are raking in £30 million in revenue from parking charges, new data has revealed. A freedom of information (FOI) request launched by car insurer LV= found councils were issuing 890,000 every month, bringing in at least £30 million.

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Parking fines totalling £30 million 'every month'

Parking fines are reaping in £30 million for local authorities every month. Credit: PA

Motorists are coughing up more £30 million each month in parking fines, figures suggest.

A Freedom of Information request launched by car insurer LV= exposed the rise in fines issued to drivers for failing to park properly.

More tickets have been issued this year by councils than in 2012, with a 4% rise on last year, and based on an average amount of £42 per ticket, drivers are now paying over £30 million each month.

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