Kenyan Minister: One of mall attackers 'was British'

Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed has claimed that a British woman was among the perpetrators of the Kenya mall attack.

In an interview with US network PBS Newshour, Mohamed said Somalia's al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group was responsible for the attack and that militants included Americans and a Briton.

I think this new attack tells us that we did not do enough. We need to work much more closely, with everybody, but much more with the US I think and the UK governments. Because as you know both the victims and the perpetrators you know came from Kenya, the United Kingdom and the United States.

From the information that we have, two or three Americans and I think so far I have heard of one Brit... a woman, woman, and I think she has done this many times before.

Last night Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said he was aware of reports that a number of Britons were involved in the execution of the terrorist attack in a shopping centre in Kenya, but said he had not seen the evidence.