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28% feel accent discrimination

A poll conducted for ITV’s Tonight reveals that more than a quarter of Brits (28%) feel they have been discriminated against because of their regional accent with Londoners and Scots worst hit. The Liverpool accent was considered most unfriendly.

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Liverpool accent sounds most unintelligent, poll finds

The Liverpudlian accent is thought to be the most unintelligent, a ComRes poll found, with both the joint fewest people saying they find it intelligent (15%, along with Birmingham) and nearly two in five (37%) saying they find it unintelligent.

Three in five (62%) people believe that Received Pronunciation sounds intelligent, far ahead of the second placed Edinburgh accent, which two in five (38%) find intelligent.

Respondents were asked: How intelligent or unintelligent do you find the following accents to be? Credit: ComRes

You can watch "Accents speak louder than words: Tonight" on ITV on Thursday 26 September

The Liverpool accent was also considered most untrustworthy, with Received Pronunciation again scoring highest for trustworthiness.

People were asked: How trustworthy or untrustworthy do you find the following accents to be? Credit: ComRes

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