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28% feel accent discrimination

A poll conducted for ITV’s Tonight reveals that more than a quarter of Brits (28%) feel they have been discriminated against because of their regional accent with Londoners and Scots worst hit. The Liverpool accent was considered most unfriendly.

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Your view: Poll says Liverpool accent most unintelligent

The Liverpool accent sounds the most unintelligent while the Devon accent is the friendliest, according to a poll carried out by ITV's Tonight programme.

We asked ITV News' Facebook followers what they thought of the results, and here is a few of their views:

Love the scouse accent so much I married a scouser. The Brum accent or Black country accent sounds unintelligent to me.

– Tina Brophy

What does an intelligent accent even sound like? You can't compare the two, it's just silly! But since it's probably more about perception I'll give mine: the RP accent doesn't sound at all "intelligent" to me. If just sounds fake and snooty. I'm an east end Glaswegian.

– Li Sa

We have the usual 'trendy' cities being favoured, with Birmingham & Liverpool getting the drubbing as usual.

– Buzby Took

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