'Never hold a grudge': Fergie reveals managerial secrets

Sir Alex Ferguson in conversation with Charlie Rose in an interview to be shown on the PBS channel in the US tonight Credit: Charlie Rose Show/PBS

The former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed some of his managerial secrets in his first major post-retirement interview to a US network to be broadcast tonight.

Sir Alex told the Charlie Rose Show on PBS that you should "never hold a grudge - it's very important" and that the best players are those who are courageous.

He admitted the worst part of a job was recognising a player was beyond his best.

And he showed an insight into his team talks: "I always say to them at half time, in the last 15 minutes - throw the kitchen sink!"

He also talked about his relationships with David Beckham and Wayne Rooney - and revealed Cristiano Ronaldo was one of two of the world's best players in recent times.