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'Britain's FBI' is launched

The National Crime Agency to tackle the country's most serious organised crimes, dubbed 'Britain's FBI', is launched today. It is the third major reorganisation of crime agencies in 15 years.

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May: Organised crime is a threat to our national security

Crime bosses who fail to pay back their ill-gotten gains face longer prison sentences under changes to the law unveiled by the Home Secretary.

As the new National Crime Agency was launched, Theresa May also revealed the Government's Serious and Organised Crime strategy.

Home Secretary Theresa May

Covering a range of plans for tackling organised criminals, it includes proposals to hit crimelords by "substantially strengthening" prison sentences for failing to pay confiscation orders.

Mrs May said: "Organised crime is a threat to our national security so it needs a national response to turn the full force of the state against those behind the most serious crimes."

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