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Mentally ill 'let down' by police

Severely mentally ill people are "significantly more likely" to report unfair or disrespectful behaviour from police, new research has shown. However, many feared there would be repercussions, like sectioning, if they reported bad behaviour.

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Mentally ill 'three times' more likely to be crime victims

People with severe mental illness are three times move likely to be a victim of any crime, according to a report on the mentally ill, police and illegal activity.

  • They were five times more likely to experience assault than a person who was sane.
  • Women with severe mental illness were 10 times more likely to experience assault.
  • Over two-thirds, 62%, of women questioned reported being victims of sexual violence as an adult.
  • Nearly 45% of people with severe mental illness reported being the victim of crime in the last year.

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