Hypnosis helped boy to conquer 'extreme' fear of flying

The boy who overcame his crippling fear of flying by hypnosis to jet home to the UK has spoken to Daybreak about his ordeal.

Joe Thompson, 12, was stranded in the Middle East for 15 months.

He said the extreme phobia "took me by surprise" and found it "terrifying to look" at the plane he was about to board.

When his family was due to return to Britain in June 2012, after his father’s job as manager of a private hospital came to an end, Joe found it impossible to fly.

His hypnotist Russell Hemmings, who runs a flying phobia programme, dubbed Joe's phobia "very extreme".

Mr Hemmings did not normally accompany patients on board flights, but felt Joe's case was so severe he paid for the boy, his father Tony and himself to fly to Heathrow from Dubai.