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EDL leaders leave group

English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has left the group as he no longer wants to be the "public face for fascists".

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Ramadhan Foundation 'can't take EDL claim seriously'

The chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation has said he is sceptical of the leaders of the English Defence League leaving the group:

I met Tommy Robinson last week and during that meeting he indicted that he was leaving the EDL because he couldn't control the extremist group, impact on his family and wider legal cases he faces.

At no stage did he reject his previous disgusting attacks on Islam and Muslims or apologise to the British people for the millions wasted policing their protests.

I cannot take Tommy Robinson or Kevin Carroll's announcement seriously until they reject their fascist views on Islam and Muslims and would caution other organisations celebrating this announcement as a massive personal achievement.

– Mohammed Shafiq, Ramadhan Foundation Chief Executive

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