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Primark urges factory pay-outs

Primark has spoken publicly for the first time about the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, telling ITV News that other western firms who used the factory should join them in paying longer-term compensation to survivors and victims' relatives

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Luxury retailers 'sell clothes from Bangladesh factories'

High-end retailers are sourcing garments from the same factories in Bangladesh as Primark but are charging a higher price, one of the company's senior executives, told ITV News.

Paul Lister said: "If you look at who is sourcing out of Bangladesh, you'll see that clearly Primark sources out of Bangladesh, but actually next door to Primark in any given factory could be a Bond Street retailer, sourcing exactly the same sort of garment, sourcing a T-shirt.

"So ours at Primark would be £5 on our shelf, it could be £60 for the Bond Street retailer, in the same factory, with the same conditions, the same workforce, the same pay, as the £5 Primark T-shirt."

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