Iain Duncan Smith mocks John Major's 'cones hotline'

Iain Duncan Smith has taken a swipe at his former Tory rival John Major today over the former prime minister's traffic cones hotline initiative during the 1990s.

The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions hit back after Major this week questioned his former colleague's ability to reform benefits.

Iain Duncan Smith mocked John Major as ‘an intellect that brought us cones hotline’ Credit: PA

Duncan Smith told the Evening Standard: “Well, as I say, I never really get too fussed about what people think about their own intellects. I’m always happy to be in awe of someone whose own intellect delivered us the cones hotline, I must say.”

Major's infamous telephone hotline was set up for people to call to complain about unattended roadworks and has gone down in political history as one of the most ridiculous initiatives launched by the British Government.