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Owner: '3D gun' are printer parts

The man arrested after police claim they had seized component parts for a 3D printed gun has insisted they are actually parts of a printer. The suspect said the arrest could "kill" his business and said the officers "have gone over the top".

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Long prison terms will help tackle 3D gun 'phenomenon'

Lengthy prison sentences for possessing a firearm will help police tackle the potential new "phenomenon" of 3D guns, Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy told Sky News.

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy. Credit: Martin Rickett/PA Archive

He said: "We will need to look at this new development but I do think it is crucial that in this country illegal possession of a firearm does attract a very lengthy prison sentence

"As long as that continues, I think that will help as a huge help to us in controlling what might be this new phenomenon about 3D guns."

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