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Owner: '3D gun' are printer parts

The man arrested after police claim they had seized component parts for a 3D printed gun has insisted they are actually parts of a printer. The suspect said the arrest could "kill" his business and said the officers "have gone over the top".

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Plastic gun maker: Printed firearms part of UK's future

US-based plastic gun maker Cody Wilson said 3D printed guns will be part of Britain's future, in an interview with Sky News.

Mr Wilson, who is the founder of a company that publishes gun designs online, said Britain's attitude towards firearms was "schizophrenic".

I'm really excited about, what I call, the digital apocalypse.

I think countries like the UK...where your culture is schizophrenic, scared of itself, post-heroic and is unwilling to deal with the idea that people will have guns again - somehow like it's a feature of Britishness.

I think that's absurd and I can show you that's disappearing.

I'm saying that your future will have these as a feature irrevocably from now to eternity and this is something that's bleeding into the present.

– Cody Wilson

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