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Owner: '3D gun' are printer parts

The man arrested after police claim they had seized component parts for a 3D printed gun has insisted they are actually parts of a printer. The suspect said the arrest could "kill" his business and said the officers "have gone over the top".

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Shop owner: '3D gun' components are printer parts

A "trigger" and "magazine" which could supposedly be fitted together to make a viable 3D printed gun are in fact actual parts of the printer, the businessman whose shop was raided by police said.

Police confiscated "Andrew's" 3D printer from his model-making shop yesterday and hours later hailed their findings as "a really significant discovery".

A businessman holds parts of a 3D printer (right) after his shop was raided. Credit: PA

However, the shop owner, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the supposed trigger and magazine for bullets were actually parts of the printer - which he uses to make models.

In tears, he said: "I'm angry, disappointed and hurt. This could kill me, this could threaten the business. I was sat here yesterday morning and I saw police officers coming to the door. I just thought it was a customer. We have officers who are customers.

"They came in and said 'We have got a warrant to search this premises'. They accused me of making gun parts."

Presented with the "trigger" and "magazine", he explained that one was a spool and the other another part of the printer, to which he said the officer replied: "Oh! OK." "Andrew" was released an hour later on bail.

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