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Cut to BBC licence fee 'threat'

The BBC could face a cut in the licence fee or even have to compete with other broadcasters for a share of the money unless it rebuilds public trust and becomes more transparent, a senior Conservative minister has suggested.

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BBC should be 'free of political pressure'

The BBC responded to Grant Shapps' comments about cutting the licence fee to say the broadcaster should be "free from political pressure.”

Mr Shapps is right that transparency is key to the future of the BBC. So is its freedom from political pressure.

The BBC and the BBC Trust actively encourages the public to tell us what it thinks of our services and help us police our own guidelines. On TV and radio they personally hold its executives to account.

– BBC spokesman

The spokesman told The Sunday Telegraph the BBC had dealt with 1,600 freedom of information requests last year, had appeared in front of 16 Parliamentary committees this year, and allowed the National Audit Office “full access” to everything except “editorial decisions”.

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