Terror suspect hunt: Tpims explained

Counter-terrorism officers are searching for Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed after the 27-year-old breached a Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures notice (Tpim).

What is a Tpim?

  • First introduced in January 2012 to replace control orders, Tpims can be ordered by the Home Secretary if they have reason to believe an individual is, or has been, involved in terrorism-related activity
  • They are imposed by judges who are given access to secret evidence that can not be placed before juries
  • The notice includes restrictions on overnight residence, travel and finance
  • Unlike control orders, Tpims do not allow for the relocation of suspects and have a maximum time limit of two years
  • As of August 31, there were nine Tpims in force, including eight against British suspects

The terrorism watchdog warned earlier this year that Tpims could allow those deemed potentially dangerous to be left "free and unconstrained" in the absence of prosecution or new evidence of terrorism-related activity.