Tom Cruise: 'I have not abandoned daughter Suri'

Actor Tom Cruise has told a court he maintains a close relationship with his daughter Suri, despite his divorce from her mother and a hectic film schedule.

The actor's two-page description of his relationship with his daughter was written to support his defamation action against a US magazine publisher.

Tom Cruise photographed with his daughter Suri in 2010. Credit: Guerin-Taamallah/ABACA USA/Empics Entertainment

The declaration was filed in a case against Bauer Publishing, which Cruise is suing over a pair of 2012 stories that claimed he had "abandoned" Suri because of overseas film shoots.

"I have in no way cut Suri out of my life - whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise," Cruise wrote.

He said despite filming back-to-back films in the second half of 2012, he spoke to his daughter nearly every day and got frequent updates about her from her mother, actress Katie Holmes.

Cruise's lawyers are asking a judge to order Bauer to declare it did not have any sources to support its contentions about his parenting role. Bauer's lawyers argue that a judge should reject Cruise's motion.