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Army 'killed unarmed NI people'

Former members of an undercover British army unit have claimed to BBC's Panorama that they killed unarmed civilians in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Yesterday the country's attorney general called for an end to prosecutions before 1998.

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Police Federation: Proposal is 'worthy of consideration'

The chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland (PFNI) has said that while official policy states that there should be no amnesty, John Larkin's proposal is "worthy of some consideration".

We would have some concerns about what the Attorney General has said, but I do think that John Larkin has made a somewhat genuine attempt to move this process forward and it is worthy of some consideration.

But the Police Federation for Northern Ireland policy on these matters is very clear as it currently stands - that there should be no amnesty for either those previously engaged in terrorism or indeed members of the security forces.

– terry spench, chairman, pfni

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