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Army 'killed unarmed NI people'

Former members of an undercover British army unit have claimed to BBC's Panorama that they killed unarmed civilians in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Yesterday the country's attorney general called for an end to prosecutions before 1998.

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Unionist party leader: Murder has no sell-by date

The leader of Northern Ireland's Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) party has slammed the proposal to end prosecutions relating to the Troubles as tantamount to "advocating immunity for terrorists".

What a kick in the teeth for innocent victims to have the Attorney General, no less, championing the long standing IRA demand that their 'on the runs' and anyone responsible for anything before 1998, should be free from the pursuit of the law. It is amnesty.

Moreover, by this crass proposal the Attorney General validates the terrorist claim that their crimes were different and not really criminal. Mr Larkin is not advocating amnesty for everyone, only for 'trouble-related' crimes; thereby endorsing the terrorist propaganda.

Murder is murder, is murder. It has no sell-by date. It didn't have for the Nazis, who have still been pursued. Northern Ireland's criminals must equally never be relieved of the threat of the long arm of the law catching up with them.

– Jim Allister, TUV leader

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