Gove: 'I have the worst taste in music of anyone I know'

The Education Secretary Michael Gove has jokingly told The Agenda with Tom Bradby that "I have the worst taste in music of anyone I know."

Education Secretary Michael Gove on The Agenda with Tom Bradby. Credit: ITV/The Agenda with Tom Bradby

Mr Gove added: "The dreadful thing is that all the music that politicians are not supposed to like, like Wagner, I love.

"That marks you out as a right-wing lunatic, if not sexually confused or repressed from the beginning."

Asked if he used to listen to the Proclaimers, Mr Gove replied: "You can probably guess from my eye-wear that I'm a Proclaimers fan."

He said: "I remember stamping and cheering along with the crowd at the music hall in Aberdeen with the Proclaimers, loving every moment of it, but at the same time conscious that the message they were putting across was completely separate from what I felt."

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