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Woolwich murderer's mum: 'Please forgive my son'

The mother of Woolwich murderer Michael Adebowale has told ITV News she has asked the mother of Lee Rigby for forgiveness, condemning the attack on the soldier as "senseless".

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Woolwich suspect 'handed woman a letter at scene'

The court heard that Adebolajo handed a letter containing religious references to Amanda Donnelly Martin, who was at the scene.

Fighting Allah's enemies is an obligation. Do not spend your days in endless discussion with the cowardly and foolish.

It means that it will delay your meeting Allah's enemies on the battlefield.

Sometimes the cowardly and foolish can be those dearest to you. So be prepared to turn away from them.

The handwritten note suggested "carnage reaching your town" was "simply retaliation for your oppression in our towns".

It said when the "heat of battle" came, "it is unlikely that any of your so-called politicians will be caught up in the the crossfire, so I suggest that you remove them."

The letter continued: "Muslims will trade with you on fair terms. Understand that the days of your international armed robbery are drawing to a close."

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