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Fuel bill cuts after Govt pledge

British Gas is to cut duel fuel bills and other energy firms have announced price freezes after the Government revealed measures it hopes will cut bills by an average of £50 a year. But Ed Miliband has dismissed the plans as "smoke and mirrors".

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Ed Balls: Govt 'shifting burden' of energy price rises

The shadow chancellor Ed Balls has voiced sceptism over the coalition's plans to reduce energy bills.

He told the BBC's Andrew Marr: "What they're doing is shifting from energy bills on to the taxpayer, that's not a cut that's just a shifting of the burden".

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls Credit: BBC/Andrew Marr Show

"Fundamentally, what's happening is that energy prices are going up this Winter by £120-130, a £50 cut when they're going up by twice that, means that people are still paying more in energy."

Mr Balls added: "I set two tests for George [Osborne]- one, would he stop bills rising? Secondly, would the energy companies pay?

"I would say to George, while the Prime Minister is in China, get back to the drawing board, come up with a policy, we've had lots of u-turns already, do another one, freeze the bills, take Ed Miliband's policy - that would be wise."

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