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1,158 care 'dehydration deaths'

1,158 care home residents died of thirst or while suffering from severe dehydration over the past decade, according to the Daily Telegraph reports. The Government has branded failings due to poor levels of care "entirely unacceptable".

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Elder abuse charity: Quality and safety's an afterthought

Action on Elder Abuse told ITV News that today's report findings are a "major scandal" and said that "all levels" must bear some responsibility for failings in elder care.

It is appalling that frail vulnerable people can die from a lack of basic sustenance in the heart of care provision.

This is a major scandal that should never have occurred, and all levels must bear some responsibility, including care providers, regulators and the Government. The quality and safety of care of our older people has been an afterthought for too long.

What we need is a Cabinet-led strategy that makes this a major priority for change. We cannot go on like this.

– Gary FitzGerald Chief Executive, Action on Elder Abuse

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