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PM: £5.6bn deals agreed during China trip

David Cameron has claimed £5.6 billion in business deals have been agreed between the UK and China during his three-day trip to the country.

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PM: Public 'understands UK can't just rely on EU'

The Prime Minister said he thinks public understand the importance of his role in bringing trade delegations to China and other growing markets as the financial crisis still engulfing Europe has shown UK businesses "can't just rely" on EU markets and must look "further afield" for opportunities:

I think the British public have a very good understanding of what I describe as the long term plan. They know that Britain, having had some very difficult years, having suffered badly in the crisis, is on a mission to rebuild.

That means sorting out your finances at home and getting the deficit under control. But it means making your way in the world and it means recognising that we can't just rely on European markets. We have to go further afield and we have to play to our strengths and win.

I think people have a very good understanding of that.

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