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PC shooting suspect questioned

Police are questioning a man over the shooting of an unarmed officer during a neighbourhood call. The 33-year-old officer is believed to have been blasted with a shotgun as she and a colleague called at a house in Leeds shortly after 4am yesterday.

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Police 'recovered firearm' after detaining suspect

Police have confirmed they recovered a firearm after arresting a man in connection with the shooting of a police officer in Leeds.

West Yorkshire Police revealed that information from the public helped them identify and detain the 37-year-old suspect believed to be James Leslie.

West Yorkshire Police revealed that information from the public led them to identifying and detaining the suspect. Credit: PA Wire

"Our active enquiries have led us to identify and detain a man in connection with this serious offence. Officers made an arrest at 10.10am on Wood Lane, Leeds, and I can confirm that we have recovered a firearm," Assistant Chief Constable Geoff Dodd said.

"This followed information provided to us by a member of the public that a man fitting the description had been seen nearby. An arrest was made quickly and any potential risk to the public has been removed."

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