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Delays may continue after air traffic control problems

Passengers were left stranded today when a technical problem at an air traffic control centre caused chaos at airports across the UK and Ireland.

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Ryanair hits out over air traffic control disruption

Ryanair has hit out at the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for failing to have a contingency plan in the event of an air traffic control (ATC) failure, like the one that disrupted thousands of people's flights this morning.

Hundreds of flights were delayed and cancelled across southern England, Ireland and other parts of northern Europe after an ATC problem in Swanwick. A spokesperson said:

Ryanair is calling on the CAA to intervene and prevent further chaos for thousands of passengers affected by this ATC failure.

While we acknowledge problems can occur, where is the contingency? It's simply not good enough and the CAA needs to act now.

Over 300 Ryanair flights to and from the south of England have been affected, with 12 cancelled so far.

We apologise to affected passengers, however these circumstances are entirely beyond our control.

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